Increase Your Resale Value.

Improve Your Wholesale Self.

As seen on television, your Curves membership contract, and Wall Street.
Look , I get it. Learning about money markets is tough! I know retirement age and the queasy slide into senility are appearing over the horizon like the Grateful Dead skull on top of the ol' VW bus. You're taking stock and depreciating in                          value faster than a Nissan Juke.
                              You haven’t saved as much as                                  you should have, and you
                             didn’t listen  when Alex Jones
                              told you to buy gold.
     Now the shelves of your fallout shelter are bare. The market is volatile, you still don’t  know what bitcoin is, and your kids don’t return your text messages.   
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As a certified personality and humanoids appraiser, I am here to help! Click on any of the links to get started now!
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With an open mind, a

refrigerator lock, and

minimal upfront cost,

you can be on your way

to exponentially increasing

your curb appeal and your bottom line!

Your Wholesale Self

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Your Bitcoin Misery Index. As seen on television, your Curves membership contract, and Wall Street.

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