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As seen on television, your Curves membership contract, and Wall Street.

Increase Your Resale Value.

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In short, it should be more than apparent that we are qualified to evaluate and appraise others' overall value to humankind. I mean insurance agents do it every day. Isn't it weird that we let them do that?

An olio of lawyers, analysts, scholars, coaches, robots, and gamblers. From performance artists to personal shoppers; spiritual healers, and deportment experexpertst. From market speculators and predatory lenders to homebrewing bathroom surgeons and sofalizing sages, put us to work for you!

Whatever you are in the market for, from financial planning to family planning; from child care to clutter clear-out, from cooking simple meals to cooking the books; life coaching, and dates to important life events. With little more than switchblades, Wikipedia, and some under-the-table cash, there is almost no way we will say no!

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 about this writer generva vanderpants

 I would describe myself as eclectic in tastes and interests and somewhat inattentive. Less generous descriptions may include messy, inscrutable, and a tendency towards clutter and ennui that can make it uncomfortable to share space with me. 
In addition to Your Bitcoin BMI, I have blog called Scope & Horror, and d I draw cartoon series about a kitten named Christopher. Current for-real items on my to-do list are to finish memorizing the hiraganakatakana, and kanji alphabets, work on calligraphy, and make friends with a crow. I collect ephemera, particularly board games and trading cards, Patron Saint prayer cards, vintage hotel postcards, photographs of swimming pools and divers, science textbooks, fortune-telling decks, encyclopedias, shadow boxes, maps, and all sorts of things in miniature. I love bookmaking, poetry, music, comedy, painting, mythology, folklore, graveyards, crinkly paper, and junk shops. You can see read more of my writing on Medium. 
Very little of this work contributes to my primary source of income, and my bank balance reflects this.

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As seen on television, your Curves membership contract, and Wall Street.

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