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Am I An Apple or Mayor McCheese?

I know that with the fruit-to-waist conversion charts, swiftly changing trends, and vanity sizing, finding clothes that fit your body type is confusing.


     Technology has advanced to give us smart wearables to custom fit your clothes, but they can be pricey, and there is just not an established return on that investment yet.

So, for now, I want you to get back to the basics!

Focus on stocking up on simple, classic silhouettes that never go out of style and work on pretty much every body type. 

Okay, get internet click and shipping because we still have much work to do! I wish I could be there to help all of you find the perfect fit personally, but here's a Wiki tutorial on calculating waist-hip ratio in case you get lost in the virtual fitting rooms.

Buzz Word Alert!
capsule wardrobe
/ˌkæp.səl ˈwɔːr.droʊb/

Are you pretty handy? Crochet yourself stylish, mix and match separates!

noun [singular] a largely meaningless term propogated media and advertising  in an attempt to get you to buy more things under the paradoxical guise of owning less, usually recommended with little regard for actual utility or socioeconomic realities.


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