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About Us

With little more than switchblades, Wikipedia, and some under-the-table cash, there is almost no way we will say no!
An olio of lawyers, analysts, scholars, robots, and gamblers. From performance artists to personal shoppers, spiritual healers, and deportment experts. 
From market speculators and predatory lenders to homebrewing-bathroom surgeons and sofalizi
ng sages, the buzz you've heard at water coolers, block parties, wellness retreats, parole board hearings, and parent-teacher conferences is real!
Squirrel 1_edited.png
In short, it should be more
than apparent that we are
qualified to
evaluate and
appraise others' overall value to humankind. I mean, insurance agents do it every day!

                  Isn't it weird that we let them do that?

Put us to work for you!

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