I would describe myself as eclectic in tastes and interests and somewhat inattentive. Less generous descriptions might include messy, inscrutable, and a tendency towards clutter and ennui that can make it uncomfortable to share space with me. I currently live in Virginia and have several projects ongoing, some of which I will finish, and many that will be abandoned. I collect ephemera, particularly board games and trading cards, Patron Saint prayer cards, vintage hotel postcards, photographs of swimming pools and divers, science textbooks, fortune-telling decks, encyclopedias, shadow boxes, maps, and all sorts of things in miniature. I love poetry, music, painting, mythology, folklore, graveyards, and junk shops. I especially love bookmaking and crinkly paper. and my favorite book based purely on the number of times I have read it is Valley of the Dolls, but unless we are only counting the opinion of my thirteen year old self, my actual favorite book is The Secret History. Surprisingly, I have only read one of the Twilight novels. 


In addition to Your Bitcoin BMI, I have blog called Scope & Horror, and I draw a cartoon series about a kitten named ChristopherCurrent for-real items on my to-do list are to finish memorizing the hiraganakatakana, and kanji alphabets, work on calligraphy, and make friends with a crowVery little of this work contributes to my primary source of income, and my bank balance reflects this.

You can see more of my art and writing at www.theanatomyofmelancholy.com and Medium.

Jennifer Van Orman

Not waving but drowning.
Don't worry, presumably help is on the way.

In summary, it should be more than apparent that I am qualified to evaluate  and appraise others' overall value to humankind. I mean, insurance agents do it every day. Isn't it weird that we let them do that?